Marketing Panel

Marketing Panel includes: detailed reports of orders made via app or website; a tracking program analysing effectiveness of online ads; tools to support work with customers. Marketing Panel consists of 2 main sections: dashboard (quick reports) and tools.


Dashboard shows key indicators in form of graphs, diagrams and tables.

There are 6 kinds of reports:

  • Total amount of completed orders, bottles, money
  • Active customers
  • Products bought
  • Orders placed by time
  • Left/returned customers
  • Loyalty system points tracking


Tools section consists of various marketing tools to help promote and analyze your company: tracking program, SMS-newsletters, PUSH-notifications etc.

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Analyze how effective online ads are

Nowadays, there are tons of ads online. Every year companies invest more and more money to attract potential customers’ attention.

It’s up to you to see your investment’s potential. That’s why it is important to be able to understand effectiveness of online ads.

Our tracking system (tracker) is a tool to analyze online ads effectiveness by tracking traffic sources of the app.

The tracker in Aqua Delivery is implemented in funnel type:

  • The source
  • Number of transfers
  • Number of downloads
  • Number of registrations
  • Number of orders
  • Total amount of first orders
  • Total amount of following orders

Similar services are quite expensive and usually small and medium businesses can’t pay for them. That’s why we came up with our own unique tracker adapted to water delivery business.

Online results March 2020

New clients
Litres sold

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Keep track how effective your services are

Repeat orders graph determines how your customers rate your business.

If the amount of repeat orders stays the same or keeps growing, then it means customers like your services and the main goal here is to keep providing quality service.

Don't loose customers

Thanks to cross-cutting analytics and modern marketing tools you can set up and change your company’s strategy in your work with customers.

Reports to help you with building your strategy:

  • Active clients. This report shows the amount of customers, bottles, orders placed for each month.
  • Left/returned clients. This report shows new and returned customers on a daily basis. Also, the report shows average orders placed each month.

Based on this information you can take a look at every case of customers left or returned and figure out reasons for their actions. Having this information you can take steps to keep customers using your services.

Tools needed to work with database:

  • Push-notifications. Using this option allows you to inform a certain customer or a group of customers without using paid services through SMS. You can generate a report as well. A push-notification with a promotion or discount can be sent to any user, even if the app is deleted.
  • Sms-newsletter. Using this option allows you to inform a certain customer or a group of customers. This report shows sms-newsletter statistics: phone numbers, which received sms; sms prices; sms content; status etc.

Optimize your staff's work

In this tab there is a timer tool for unfinished orders, which will be highligted in red. They will be highlited in green when orders are finished. You can quickly switch to dispatcher’s tab and fix the situation.

We’ve created detailed instructions to help staff to understand the system.

Dispatchers don’t need to have full access to clients’ database if they need to work with reports. You can transfer necessary information to PDF file for them to examine.

Aqua Delivery system is constantly being upgraded and modernized. We follow new trends and implement new tools to make water delivery business more effective. Our partners keep receiving new upgrades for free!

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